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Monday, November 8, 2010

Psst, Hey Everyone...

Hey there!  It's Steph, your friendly crop hostess with the mostest, and I've hijacked the blog today! *insert evil laugh here* 

November is my birthday month, and for that, I have decided that we should celebrate.  There's nothing like a good party, right?  Come out and party with me every Friday and Saturday night, except for the weekend of the 26th (we'll be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday).  It will be SO much fun and I would be honored to have you as guests at my ongoing birthday celebration.  Don't forget to call and sign up as spaces fill up quickly!

And, don't tell Cherie, but seeing how this is MY birthday, I've decided that if you come crop with me you....

Oh no, here she comes.  I've got to go, but check back on Wednesday.  Hopefully, she'll be busy, and I can finish what I was saying...

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